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Without trawling through the rest of the posts and apologies if it’s already been said. The wobbly 30 as I remember from the extremely short exposure at what was then BA Helicopters down south in the depths of cuds vill UK.
Reasonably well accepted by the crews and customer, never supported properly by Rolls Royce, fitted with the Gem 30 with inherent problems and limited replacement engines available. Never really supported by Westland inherent airframe cracking of the main frames, needing manufactures work teams on site to rectify, very limited fuel capacity and grunt. Had a commitment ever been made by Westland to bring in the promise and develop the Wobbly 60 with the added range larger cabin and grunt with the Gem 60 or similar, avionic upgrades and a commitment to support, we may indeed have had an AW 139 type back then.
The Indians never seemed to understand the technicalities of the Acc drive system???

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