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I also cannot see the need for having built in the need to trim the 777 just to comply with the requests of pilots. Truthfully the way most modern airlines automation policy , 90 % of the time crews hardly hand fly and trim anyway. So again while its more traditional to trim . I think Airbus got that right.
Can you handfly an Airbus?Didnt think so.
I think inadvertently you have highlighted the one underlying difference between the two.Boeing's design is pilot-oriented,Airbus imposes its design on the pilot.They "disconnect" the pilot from the plane with little or no sensory feedback and in return try and dazzle you with some gimmickry.You know pilots are just people,some stupid,some not so stupid.I read the thread started by Strong Resolve a while back and noted the staunch and stubborn opposition to almost everything he said in spite of the clarity and sanity of what he was actually saying.Humans have five(some say six) sensory channels;yet Airbus arrogantly ask the system-operator(for that is surely what you unwittingly become) to follow whats going on with one.Revolutionary?Yes.Modern?Yes.Clever?No.
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