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Airbus vs Boeing

What’s wrong with the B777?

Having recently converted from Airbus 330/340 to B777 I can now categorically state that the Boeing is in fact a piece of junk.

Here are the problems it has:

Control Column…where is the table? Fly by wire but artificial feel added to make you think you are flying a conventional aircraft…why? Old Americans? In fully reclined (normal) flying position yoke obscures the PFD/ND displays.

Too much air coming in and unable to turn it off. Especially that little triangular vent by your left knee which blows air in your eyes when you are trying to sleep with your head on the ridiculous control column.

Clumsy sun shades that need to be clipped on and then restowed; they should be pull-down items like the vastly superior airbus.

Ridiculous crank handle for opening window. Airbus opens with the one handle that Boeing already has.

Massive tiller; my arm is sore thinking about it. What do Boeing not understand about fly by wire.

Uncomfortable seat with centre harness strap that crushes your jewels. Does not recline enough.

Outrageous seat rails above the floor. Airbus are under floor like they should be. Wreaks havoc on your leather soled shoes and have already damaged one pair when electrically sliding it backwards.

Chair armrest obscures the CM1 RMP in the (normal) reclined position.

No flap limit speeds on the speed tape on PFD…what?????

MCP too far away from CM1. Major effort from (normal) reclined position to order any weather etc or check system displays.

Boeing procedure also sucks saying is an EICAS driven plane and no need to check system displays. This is purely poor airmanship whereas Airbus suggests a system check about every 30 minutes. This has saved my bacon a few times already and I will not follow Boeing recommendation.

By the way I don't like the Boeing and would go back to the Airbus if I could but that isn’t my decision.
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