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Quite honestly Jagman I have flown with some 20+ year pilots and mostly in command at CX and I can tell you ďstraight from the heartĒ that I have flown with better COMMANDERS on smaller aircraft. The size of your metal does not define you. Just because you are a commander, you may be lucky enough to have seniority but that does not make you a good commander.

Some 747-400 commanders out of Europe can be atrocious. Yes they are Senior Check and Training and should be not in that position. They donít know how to train.

Repect is something you earn, not from your position of seniority. I have much respect for many First Officers because I can see the command potential in them.

Respect is something you earn FROM YOUR subordinates not from your peers IMHO. I suppose it goes both ways. Most likely there are juniors that donít like flying with me but still treat them with respect.

Treat people how we all want to be treated, we all know who is in command itís the bloke with 4 strips but most likely that bloke is not smarter, he just has seniority. I guess seniority makes you the god of all gods I suppose.

In North America with 3 Australia blokes (with no dis-respect) in falling snow, the second officer was from North America. Needless to say I listened to the Second Officer as experience is ďI been there beforeĒ. He was lower rank but he saved my Ass. I have respect for him and I told him so.

But maybe Iím new school. There is no I in TEAM. Everyone can contribute.

Iíve been a lower rank and a higher rank, itís still a team.

Too many drinks for smilies today I'm afraid.
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