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Thanks to those guys who gave some advice - after having had some feedback from CTC it turns out that the "concentration" test was where I fell down - and only on one of the two times I did it during the day - Don't know whether it is a bummer to have been so close or good as gives me a better chance on my second go but needless to say am more determined to nail it than before.

On that note I know there are a couple of programmes out there they recon that can help you improve by the 1 or 2 points I need but I was wondering if anybody knew which of these tests had something similar to the one I need as I know niether are identical to Pilapt.

Concentraiton is the one with the grid with shifting coulours along the top and shifting shapes down the side and random shapes appearing within the grid - I am not surprised this was less than perfect for me - I rather hated it!

Thanks in advance guys (PS to anyone currently at Bristol Ground School I keep seeing you in my parents Pub in Axbridge with Air Law books! Stay off the Cider it rots your mind!)
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