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Money not Age

Retirement Age is not about age; it is about money. The Company has always had the ability to extend pilots on current conditions beyond NRA55. But they don't want to pay bypass, they don't want to pay A scale and they want to choose who stays. It's not about age it's about crewing the planes as cheaply as possible. It's about bigger bonuses. Money.

The Company is very happy with the compliant AOA leadership and they will be happy to use them to get NRA65 with reduced conditions with no bypass. The AOA are weak and easily manipulated and so the time is good. They will make hay while the sun shines because ST (rubber stamp) and his half-arsed 'negotiators' might be replaced this year. MG (49er sellout & RP04) & ST (C scales for new joiners) have been a gift from heaven for Management.

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