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@jettison valve:

What I said was that I found the A346 the EASIEST to land out of all the busses I have been on, not just easy to land. It surely requires it's own technique to do it right, and my impression is purely subjective.

But one still feels, if a landing was hard or soft, despit of the length of it. It's called experience, and after having spent years on whatever you fly, you can judge it. You also get the Flight Attendants bitching at you on the way to the hotel.

Like I said before, I don't believe there is any design flaw at all responsible for hard landings on an A346. What might be an issue is doing tight turns on the ground, without the main gear assisting like on a 747, but that is a different story...

And the most difficult plane to land for me is tha CRJ200, light like a leaf being played by the autumn winds, negative pitch because of no slats and being flown way too fast... a challenge every time...

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