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Let me refine my concern: Looking at that video, they changed their angle of crab quite severly on short final so they knew it was gusty, to say the least. There was a more favourable runway avialable as well. The winds were at the limits and other decided not even to attempt or went right away to the other runway.

Still my question is: How much is the commercial pressure influencing our decision making process? Knowing how much trouble it is to divert to the alternate aerodrome for the company and the Pax?

And: What is the responsiblity of the Airport authorities? Acc. JAR right now as far as I know: None. It will change in the near future with EU-OPS. They should have a junk of responsiblities under those conditions too.

So what did we all learn out of this? I hope we learend something because that could have ended in a nightmare quite easily (knock on wood!!) and then all of the hero-praisers would ask diffrent questions which I think would sound a bit more leaning towards questioning the decision to try to land under those conditions.

Gotta go, have to find wood to knock onto!
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