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An airbridge update for Stansted
Yes, the airbridges on Satellite 1 are long past their sell-by-dates and maintenance has been a little sparse, but there will be 10 new airbridges on satellite 1 early next year. Even A10 will be replaced despite it being a relatively new one. All brand spanking new from Thyssen - 5 in March and 5 in May I believe.

Flying Pigs
Hey Feroman, does Ryanair fly to the planet your living on? 'cos clearly you aint on planet earth. 10 bridges!! all brand new!!
On a more realistic note....does anyone know who has got the cape verdi contract? people are suggesting its servisair.

So, as I said back in October - 10 new Satellite 1 Airbridges are coming with the first install starting the week after next. Should all be completed by the end of June. Of course, whether anyone will be trained on them by the end of Summer will be another thing entirely!
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