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There must be some really un capable and non professional people in our management.

We are struggling to find enough crews to man all fleets.

Some people fly 100 hours, others only 40.

The standard of the whole airline has fallen dramatically. This can be seen on the number of incidents on the rise! We all know its only a matter of time…

The new CPT has been suckered into politics from the very first day he started. I am sure the man has some very good ideas and a knowledgeable background, but I am convinced he never saw these games coming! This can be seen in his latest ACN regarding refreshments in the sim centre.
Dear sir, this has been going on for at least a year! CAE made an original contract with QR to provide the crews doing training in their A330 sim with refreshments. Gradually other people started occupying the building, all feeding on the CAE supplies!
CAE warned QR on several occasions. Even the CEO was informed but he disapproved the installation of a proper kitchen. In the meanwhile all the managers in flight ops pretended nothing was wrong!
So now, after a year, CAE pulled the plug. GOOD ON THEM! Unfortunately everybody knows this story in detail, so by issuing a memo that all this happened suddenly and that QR was looking into it now, the new CP T was fooled into loosing a bit of his credibility. A shame really, but to be expected….

No salary increase….why should they? We got one last year so shut up! Who cares about inflation, exchange rates, lies about never coming provident funds, pay differences between fleets, etc…..

To end this ranting session, I am sure most of you have seen that disgraceful message regarding the contribution to Capt Renatos family. The manager who wrote this ( and we all know his name) should be dying of shame!
I am sure, when written properly, most of us would gladly help out his family with all our hart! But when I read a letter, telling me I have to contribute a minimum of 500QR, without any more explanation….well in short: FORGET IT!
I will find other ways to help his family if needed!
And I am not alone in this…just look at all the letters in the waste bin!

Maybe management should start thinking a little bit more in the future….maybe Capt Renatos case should be seen as proof to all of us that this company does not care about our life! Just make sure that you have covered yourself and your family in case something happens to you…because we all know, QR will not give a damn!
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