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Lightbulb Dio Gratia:

Sadly! you are mistaken:
Q:First, NZ does domestic security a result of an international agreement a couple of years ago. I thought it was a shame at the time, something to ponder, eh? Used to view NZ as a pillar of sanity in a world gone out of kilter.

If some demented sod wishes to create havoc, justboard the tube at a regional airport! sadly it is that fg simple.

The Question remains to be answered: WHO overall is responsible for security at our countries airports?

It has long been argued of the need to have at the very least xray monitors and passenger walk through monitors at all NZ Commercial airports.

Secondly you are very wrong on NZ being a sane country: it is run by Woman, commen sense is none too common any longer, and we enjoy violent crime on an unprecedented scale, the womans answer is to build more prisons with central heating, and educational ammenities:

Sorry for the thread drift, but reality is as they say so bloody different!
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