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You want to read all the comments that follow the article.

A supposedly experienced ex-RAF sqn ldr says the interference is nonsense.

"As a retired RAF officer this statement is crap, any "radar" that is interferred with by wind turbined would be swamped by ground returns in any case.
. . .
Any aircraft low flying these days fly routes or something like helo's have published information about TV masts , and wind turbines. Anyone not using them should not be flying."

Someone else says that you can see the moving Boeing against the static wind turbines etc

"Spotting a Boeing is not the same as spotting an aircraft flying 20ft off the deck."

And another firmly grasping the wrong end of the stick;

"But there must be a diameter size of wind turbine that does not affect radar,"

"Surely it can’t be that hard to spot a moving object amongst stationary ones even if they do have moving parts? And what have we got billion pound satellites for?"

Or the really intelligent and well thought out:

"whay can't we put radars on the wind farms looking east, presumably they will be many miles further eastwards and so could see that many miles further? "


"Aren't the turbines and masts made mostly of composites, which reduces their radar footprint?. But then why can't the MoD tune the known obstructions out of their systems with an alogorithm just before displaying on their radar screens?

This is absurd. The MOD needs to find a technical solution to the wind farm problem

MOd are paranoid about their blastd radar. Whom are they detecting? The Russians? The French? The Chinese? Anyone launching a sneak attack would do so with missiles. Ordinary radar - useless. "

Unless of course it is that Boeing driven by terrorists!

From the article:

"Giving evidence to a planning inquiry last October, a senior MoD expert said that the turbines create a hole in radar coverage so that aircraft flying overhead are not detectable. . . . This obscuration occurs regardless of the height of the aircraft, of the radar and of the turbine.”

The only sensible comment comes from Exasperated of Bristol:

"Turbines have been proven to exhibit the behaviour of real aircraft (due to moving blades imparting doppler shift onto returned signal). You can't just "invent an algorithm to filter them out" you risk filtering out aircraft too.


makes you weep doesn't it?
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