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Raven 1 vs Raven 2

Firstly thanks to all who answered my question re starting my Raven 2. I have found that priming for 5 secs when cold and leaving the mixture IN works great and the machine starts first time.

On the above topic one thing that I notice is that I get better fuel consumption on the Raven 2. Now I know that according to the spec that isn't the case but when i flew my Raven 1 I would probably use more carb heat than was required, also here in Scotland the weather is very damp alot of the time and perfect conditions for carb icing. So as a result of the heat being applied you use more fuel. Now I'll be the first to admit that I no doubt used more heat than was required and therefore made the consumption worse but on speaking to fellow ppl(h)'s I don't think I was alone. I love my raven 2, can fly around when its damp etc and not have a care in the world about icing and that extra little bit of power as a previous ppruner said might just get you out of trouble. I did have to have a fuel pump replaced as the seal inside had been allowing the leaking of oil. This was caught at a 50hr service, now you wouldn't get that on a Raven 1. Would still take a Raven 2 if i was ordering new.
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