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The only way that management will take any form of notice is if people start to leave, none of this standing up to management. What is it going to achieve for the chaps still here?
I think what people are doing, is flying when they can, getting what hours they can get and at the same time applying for elsewhere. In todays job environment, it was probably a blessing in disguise for those that have been sacked. The ones who are unlucky are still here, trying to rack up hours with the ever decreasing flights available.
As for the newspaper article, not even guys within the company knew about it, never mind the public. So it sounds all a bit like bravado and anger.
The latest is that the new management want to bring in their own pilots, so do you really reckon they care if you stand up to them or not? HKA is overstaffed at the moment and its probably what they want, any excuse to fire anyone who decides to put their head up.
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