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When you receive news like this you want some sort of explanation. The explanation given was financial cutbacks leading to cancellation of aircraft orders. Understood and accepted.
Enter the south China morning Post Business Section.
"Hong Kong Airlines rejected the suggestion that an expansion slowdown was behind the layoffs"
"We still want to speed up our growth, and laying off less suitable pilots is one of the steps to take"
"Most of them flew turbo prop aircraft, which are popular in Europe but seldom used in Asia."
"They would take a long time to adapt to operating jetliners"
Well gee David Lui, its all clear now. Thanks for the personal address through our friends at South China Morning Post.
.....Sorry, more to say?
"The company would hire other first officers with more flying hours on the right aircraft type to cope with the development plan."

That would have to make the guys feel all warm and fuzzy.
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