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you have to basically gamble 7K on an mcc which costs 2K anywhere else, and then you still could be told 'no thanks'.
A few other things to bear in mind:

When I went through, cost was 6.5k, but included 1000 for acommodation for the course. If you sort out your own that will reduce the cost.

You receive 2k back on completion of line training (don't know if this is still the case).

The AQC is not just an MCC. The course includes a JOC on top of the MCC which is a week of manual jet flying which is a very good experience to have prior to starting a type rating.

As someone else mentioned, 90% or so of people selected for the AQC get through - they don't put you through from the interview unless they think you will pass it - all 16 on my course got through 18 months ago.

Bear in mind though that the contract is only for 6 months flying - there is no guarantee that you will be kept on after that - although almost everybody going to Easyjet and the like get permanent contracts.
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