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Roland Pulfrew
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Just finished reading the Telegraph article over a coffee in London and having a chuckle to myself!! Only 6 months ago a member of the IPT was telling me we would "have a deal before Christmas"! How I laughed.

Just remind me, wasn't the Introduction To Service date supposed to be Apr 07? Which slipped to Apr 08? And we still haven't got funding for this programme!! It must be plain for all to see (except maybe the IPTL/DEC#/CM/DCDS(EC) and CAS) that PFI, to use the Aussie, is "a crock of sh*te". If 'Yes Darling' can stump up 24 - 55 BILLION for Northern Rock, he can find 2.5B to buy the RAF a desperately needed new tanker/transport fleet!!

# Perhaps I am being a bit harsh on the DEC as I understood that he had recommended canning the PFI a couple of years ago!

Wonders to oneself: Where does this leave the other great PFI White Elephant? MFTS anyone?

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