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Talking course costs

You pay 176 for the satge two selection and similar (I think) for stage three
Then if you make it to stage for you pay about 7k for the AQC after which if you are successful you are placed in a holding pool. Once a vacancy arises with one of the partner airlines, THEY pay for your type rating (while CTC pay you about 1000 a month tax free subsistence allowance plus you receive other applicable airline allowances) and line training which takes about 8 months. Once that is all over, you are then properly employed and there is no financial bond although there is a time bond

This is how I understand it to be - the AQC covers MCC and JOC and so doesn't really cost much more than doing both of those privately (with no job offer at the end!)

All this info is in the previous posts and also on the CTC website if you feel the need to look it up - hope this helps
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