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Absolutely no way to get a work visa in the States if your a pilot. Pilot is not on the list of professions where companies can sponsor. Its a job protection thing. You have to be a US citizen, end of story. If its not on the list, the employer has to prove to the gov't that it tried to find someone with similar skills to yours and couldn't find any. Totally impossible in our field with so many pilots out there, not to mention..why is any company going to go to all that trouble for you when the guy in line behind you in the waiting room needs none of that. You HAVE to find another way to become a citizen. 1 is marry a local. Another is maybe to become a professional on the list, and then switch. I think a third is join the military down there as a marine and you will get a shot after serving for a certian time. Not sure if they do that anymore.
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