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.........God "Amman " aviation !!!........now that was a joke ! That brings back memories !
"Niles' I think you will find that Exec's/HC Sleigh airlines had 4 hangers, numbers 1, 6, 7 & 8, 8 being the one next to the twr. No 1 hanger where knotty ended up with GAM was more a storage hanger, well that's how I remember it way back then. I worked for Execs back in the days of Alan P......... in the eng o/haul shop overhauling the Vh EX..... IO540's !!!............ahhhhh those where the days when the Canberra bombers where up at the northern end of the airport rotting away ! Geeez the day VH ALH (I think it was)didn't quite make it back to EN, sad day indeed.
wow, are we really that old !

Sorry for the thread drift guys

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