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It's almost as if like illegal people are better off than legal people here. Employers aren't ready to spnsor you for workpermit cause immigration systems are too complicated and too long. So sometimes even when they wanna help you they figure it will be like 6 months before they can have you start whats the point. For illegals it doesn't matter cause you can work and not have to sit down and pay bills with creditcard while you wait for immigration to drag your paper. Man I love US, but the way immigration stuff work here is just driving me nutts. If my home country wasn't such a hell I'd just go home cause I know plenty of peopl who spend a lot money for nothing with immigation. Not to mention for a pilot carrer here it even more dangerous. Airlines in US have histry of always farloughing pilots. What happens when you finally get a greencard and than suddenly you don't have a job but you still have a big check to pay for all the INS stuff. Don't know whats' best. Should I just leave my dream or keep trying till ... who knows.
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