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Canadian Pilots flying for US Airliners

Forgive me if this topic has been posted already, I have searched through these forums and found nothing except information on license conversion.

My question is....How difficult is it for a Canadian Pilot to obtain a USA work visa and thus work for a US airline?

I`ve read everywhere about Regionals in USA hiring frantically and there being much more job oppurtunities for low time pilots and with it now being relatively easy to convert CAR licenses to FAA I was wondering how hard would it then be for a Canadian to get a job as a pilot in the USA?

If you managed to land an interview with an airline and they wanted to hire you do they arrange for this work visa or `right to work in USA`themselves? (I`m assuming NO, since many job listings list the right to work in USA as a requirement)

Anyways if anyone on here is a CDN Pilot flying in USA or knows any, or can shed any light on this topic I sincerely appreciate your help in advance. Thanks

Aviator Steve
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