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I was at a RAF day at Waterbeach when about 12-13 years old, ie about 1953. I had cycled there from Cambridge to see the show. 4 Meteors were doing a formation display. I think they were in a box when the rear two collided. This may be one of the incidents in your list.

The accident has been engraved on my memory all my life. I was standing, as it turned out, close to the mother of one of the pilots in the formation, although of course no-one knew until later which of them were involved. I remember one aircraft losing its tail end, and both crashing on the field and burning, with at least one parachute appearing to go into one of the fires.

My mother still has, I think, a dated cutting from the local paper which I could copy and send, although not until I next visit her, which would be in the next 2-3 weeks.

Afterthought: I'm losing confidence in the date of 1953...could have been well before that. I've just remembered that we moved from Cambridge well before then!
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