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Quick report from Mrs FFF's first encounter with a Danish xmas gig. Well, she might be muslem and all that, but she drinks like a fish and have no problems ingesting vast quantities of pork. So xmas evening went down a treat; I could only hope for a bit of fun for the xmas lunch on the 25th.

But, alas, I was buggered again. She took to the snaps like a duck on water, and positively loved the heering and everything else put on the table. Bugger, bugger, bugger.

Last time for a spot of good hearted fun was on new years evening, where the wacky-backy pipe is usually passed around with loads of bubbly. Nope, no real effect from that either. Floppy, on the other hand, passed out as early as 0500 and had to be carried to the taxi by the Mrs. Bugger, bugger, bugger.

Washing? Ironing? Shopping? Cleaning? Dishes? No sir-e, those are all haram for this here guy. One of the advantages of marrying a good Turkish girl you see - they're usually well groomed from home and know that some tasks are simply not done by men. The above being only a few examples. My new hero is her uncle. Extremely nice guy, and more than just a little rich. That barstward has never, not once, done any domestic work. Hell, he probably don't even know how a vacuum cleaner works. And why should he bother, with a nice wife and a housemaid to keep him in Raki and sandwiches?

He's a sailor too, incidentially. We're off in April for a cruise departing Bodrum. Nice "little" 82 feet Gulet, with 4 crew members to pamper us. Perfect mix that is - 4 guests and 4 crew.

Thinking of renting for a booze cruise if any of the regulars here are interested. Rate in early October is around EUR 1500/day all inclusive (diesel, food, drinks etc). She sleeps 12 in 6 cabins, all with private bathroom. Lemme know if it tickles your fancy, already got a Swede and Aussie signed up, both 757 skippers with the yellow brigade.

Quick edit to insert picture of Gulet, for those of you not fully conversant in things nautic:

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