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OK,....picking up the pieces and trying to come alive again after all that food that was stuffed down my throat yesterday!
Although no "palt" was ingested, I still experienced something resembling "palt-koma". Any and all from the northern parts of Sweden will know what I mean!
From now on, this feeding-hatch shall be shut! ...at least for a few more hours.
Sort of sorry to hear about you being called in for duty.
On the other hand, Montevideo sounds like an interesting place and with a 34-hour lay-over, I'm pretty sure you will enjoy yourself!
I know I would've......
Contract-gig goin' on?
The kids have gotten plenty of attention, so they should be content by now.
I'm holding wifey on arm-lenghts distance,...and then some,.....so that I can hang out in The Bar. No 24-7 commitment though!!
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