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Where are you now?
At AA..The airline, not the drinking club.
Got MIA base and the B-757/767..Sweet gig, the Boeing twins are like Cadillacs..Quiet, easy to drive, comfortable, etc.
If we only get a new contract next year without going on strike and burning the place down....
"and cut back on drinking." Come now, you just have to keep practicing .
Yeah, I was doing it too much: 1/2 case of beer per day, got a good size beer belly out of it.
Not good as I am into a mid-life crises at the same time: Can't chase them young chicks with a beer belly, they go for the slim look...
once again,a decade total with mesa
What is it with that place? Heard mucho horrendous about Mesa...Why does folks stick around if it is that bad?
These days there is a real pilot shortage blooming and in many ways a seller's market.
5 years ago it was tough with 6000 furloughed pilots walking the streets in unemployment-land and the employers could really screw you over and do it again.
Nowadays they are screaming for pilots offering sign-up bonuses and other goodies.
I kept my CFI alife and being on some mailing list for CFI holders I keep getting job offers in the mail from the big flight schools promising up to $40K in annual compensation plus this plus that....
Back in the old days the young instructors had to beg, lie, cheat and steal to get one hour of flight time. Always hanging aorund airports, sneaking into to garbage to search for a half-eaten sandwich or perhaps some soggy fries.
Aye, times have-a-changed, now a pilot is in the drivers seat and can look himself in the mirror with a smile on his face.
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