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"Aye, so ya have heard the stories?"
Sure have, But Like i said before, I come from mesa . They wrote the book on fuxxing with pilots and bending the rules using intimidation. Mesa managements favorite quote when i argued that something was agains the contract. Grieve it. They knew i would have to comly and MAYBE be made"whole" in 6-18 months. Fuxxers.

"and even quit smoking"
I know i should, Im just not a quitter,,once again,a decade total with mesa. Im just now recovering from the stockholm syndrome/battered spouse condition induced by that place.
Worked with many awsome folks, Just couldnt see myself there long term.

"I left Tradewinds a few months ago for greener pastures and don't regret it."
Good, Happy you're at greener pastures .Where are you now?

"and cut back on drinking." Come now, you just have to keep practicing .

Ended up not flying today. Back on reseve sat morning.

Take care.

Beer. It's not just for breakfast anymore .
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