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FFF actually announced his marriage on the old forum, but you were not around then as I recall it.
Aye, that may be so.

Yeah, I bailed out of the old forum when the man wanted dough for full access: If ya don't pay up, ya become a second class citizen.
Not so with the old TowerDog, can't play second fiddle ya know.

Sooo, FFF got married a while ago? That is why he is so quiet these days...?

No time to go bar-hopping in Copenhagen with bikini girls, or write tall flying stories on the boards. Poor sod, he is probably doing dishes or painting the white picket fence.
He shall surely be missed by most.

As for joining the Viking Bar: Aye, easy mates! Pull up a chair, pour a pint of mjd and tell some lies. No political correctness around here: Ya can pick on Swedes, women, rag-heads or whatever, everything flies...
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