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The chef thingy is not the invention of Michael Kent, it was used in Ansett, BMI, now Gulf Air and soon Etihad although under a different title.

If anything it is the best way to create a parallel market and screw the brand architecture with a pillar that may just cause more damage than good.

This is not about criticising the chef thing, it's about embezzlement of funds which could have served for example to pay us salary increases long ago.

This man is guilty and whatever excuse he has is as lame as his knowledge of the business. Had he acted with some sense of responsibility he would not be where he is now, nor would Gulf Air be in the situation it is in now.
He who pretended he never had a penny to his budget was ordering willy nilly right left and center articles that were not required on board. And where the budget was allocated, the items never made it on-board. This is not to mention purchases made on behalf of GF without due tender process.

The chefs are doing a great job for GF though, but can we afford to keep them?
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