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So now that he is finally done for his mismanagement of inflight, maybe someone can shed light as to the extent of his wrong doing.

Pitty that Bahrainis did not have the guts to stop him, but followed through like sheep.

What a fecking arrogant bastard, if I was Gulf I would have raised the bar at 10 Million US, I am sure that between the three year stocks of pyjamas, the balsamic vinegar, the blankets that never existed, the kids' toys et all he must be hovering at around 20 million that he expropriated from GF.

But I am not one to say, just saw the arsehole several times at the british club and I was not impressed with his sois disant "know how" or by the crew of chefs who hung around hime like he was some guru, when the guy was an absolute moron.

So long Michael, it is time for you to eat some bacha and sheep sh*t for the rest of your life, talking about gourmet cuisine!!! Unless of course hoguie is prepared to bail you out with the comission he made from Sabre.
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