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737-300 Stab trim wheel revolutions -- how many?

Firstly apologies to all if this is inappropriate for this forum. I'm sure the mods will shunt it accordingly.
I'm extending a 3-d cockpit model of a 737-300 for FlightGear www.flightgear.org Because we'd like maximium accuracy (we pride ourselves that this is a sim, not a game!) I thought I'd ask here.
How many complete turns of the stab trim wheels are required to go from full nose-down to full nose-up trim?
Any input will be gratefully received.
FlightGear is an Open Source collaborative simulator project freely available for download at www.flightgear.org. With nearly 10 years of development now, it is a realistic and much cheaper alternative to Microsoft FS or X-Plane. It will run on Windows, Macs and of course all flavours of Unix/Linux. Although lacking some of the "eye-candy" of the commercial competitors, we are told by those who should know that the Flight Dynamics Models are much more realistic. We are working to extend the range of aircraft and scenery that is freely available (no expensive add-ons) Input and criticism from real-life pilots is especially welcome.
Thanks folks.

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