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Sydney base A330 is SYD-PEK flights only. 3 to 3-1/2 per month is max can be flown. All flights 4 crew; only one expat Captain per crew. Possibility of 4 Chinese on crew + expat Captain if other crew dont speak English, i.e. 4 pilots and 1 radio operator.
Smoking on flight deck is allowed but resting and reading aren't.
7 consecutive days off per month at home base.
US$14k per month with Chinese tax paid on most of it.
No other allowances.
2 year contract renewable.
Accommodation in Beijing is at Air China hotel at airport. Buffet meals (Chinese) provided. No alcohol in hotel and you better be good at eating with sticks.
Staff travel is woeful; max 7 tickets a year and they are subload economy.
Most guys who have committed to A330 contract are Aussie Dragon Air guys which is a pretty good indication of what Dragon/HKG is like.
If you have already embarked on a contract career and are presently out of work but current it would be fine but leaving an established carrier is a much bigger step.

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