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Either Monitored Approach or:

PF flies the whole time. Until the PNF calls "Visual Runway 11 oclock", PF keeps flying, not looking out. That ensures that somebody is actually flying (or watching the automatics) and ensuring the aircraft doesn't go below the applicable minima. Not a good idea for both pilots to be gazing out the front at 100ft above. If that means levelling at the MDA until the MAPt because the PNF hasn't called "visual", then so be it.

When the PNF calls "visual", the PF looks up, gets the picture and lands. If that is going to be too hard (ie really lo vis/cloud), then use the monitored approach procedure.

If using the Mon App, the Captain ALWAYS does the landing in our outfit.

Note: we do not do less than Cat 1 ILSs. I agree taking over at less than 200ft (cat II or less) would be undesirable.
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