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Nice post, BelArgUSA - I liked it but ...

Originally Posted by BelArgUSA View Post
I told you that I know of the "Monitored Approach" ... I was told ... that this procedure had been fostered by BA (back then probably BOAC). ...
... not exactly BOAC ... and you unwittingly touch on a sore point of history ...

The "Monitored Approach" was a toy of BEA (British European Airways), that became BA (Short Haul), but was to the best of my knowledge never used by BOAC. It was undoubtedly very effective in the days of Viscounts, Vanguards, Merchantmen and the like, when approach speeds were slower, autopilots were less reliable and we had beacon approaches, fan markers, etc. However, after the merger of BEA and BOAC into BA, it became foisted upon the Long Haul (BOAC) fraternity by our enthusiastic Short Haul (BEA) colleagues - who no doubt meant well - but were not able to see that the 747 in a Long Haul environment really had little need for a procedure, whereby the Handling Non-Landing Pilot handed over control to the Non-Handling Landing Pilot at sometimes as much as 100 feet above decision height, frequently in IMC and gusty conditions!

No, Sir, it was not BOAC who "fostered" it, it was BEA who "foisted" it ...


Grovelling apologies for the thread creep but that comment awoke a sleeping old dog ...

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