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Well,well guys and gals,i think it's a bit late to be argueing about the union now.The fact is s/a are making redundancies starting from the top and working through the ranks,which means,any one who is 5/3-4/2-4/4,qaulified A1,A2,A3,A4 and handles luggage is in the firing line

S/a may be looking at other contracts but to get them and keep them s/a will have to lower their prices(and that's a FACT!!!!).As someone mentioned,it's a dog eat dog world out there and there's no room for hanging about.

Sat 1,please can you supply rock hard evidence about EZY,TK,AA etc that they are looking to join s/a's books. I don't think they will join s/a only because of the redundancy situation and musn't forget to say that any one who is made redundant they cannot employ any more workforce for another 6 months+(and that's a FACT) xxxxxxx
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