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So you stand by many of your comments but are still unable to tell me exactly were the information came from, its not confidential or you dont treat its as confidential as you are openly discussing the topic on this forum so there can be no reason why you cant tell us all.
The AA story has gone from you saying its fact to you now stand by your comment! Thats not what i asked. why are they not happy? who is it that is not happy?
Yes EZ have had some problems but is more than on its way to being adresses maybe because our management consults fully with all parties to correct the situation. But if they wanted to move agents then wouldnt now be the best time before christmas then the new year and summer to allow for training of staff if servisair was to be awarded with the contract?
And trap 2, i love how you say things as fact and at the same time say you have no part in management. what....do the airlines come and see you with the problems and contracts, i think there is a commercial department that deals with that. And yes maybe some airlines have approached servisair but means nothing until a tender is put out or the termination of a contract.
With new contracts especially if we talk about the EZY, if menzies comes in and snaps up the contract who will they employ, let me tell you the workers from the agent that just lost their job and will that change the quality of handling and make EZY the slickest operation ever at STN i doubt it very much as the poor performance tends to come from the epmloyee themselves.
I am not arguing that this network is pointless but it just seems to be the same record being played over and over again.

Finally sat 1 i an very pleased to hear you love your job so much as i would hate to ever think you would take up a career in law as your cases would thrown out with lack of evidence . Look forward to hearing back from you!!!!
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