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Clandestino, seperate WX-radar controls are perfectly possible. Instead of sweeping twice, the capt gets a left-right sweep at his selected angle, the fo gets a right-left sweep etc.

Anyway, comfortwise the Airbus is leagues ahead of Boeing (320>737). However, the reading lights in the Airbus are a misdesign. In a 737 you can swivel and adapt these lights in anyway you like, wide beam, narrow beam, high intensity, low intensity, red light, white light.
The bus reading light has none of this...it only shines in one (almost useless) direction with the weakest intensity, weaker than a candle.

Also agree with the CSTR, ARPTS, WPT selection. Why can I not show both on my ND? Boeing does it.

Why not descend at top of descent automatically, like when cleared at pilots discretion to a lower level? Boeing does it.

And I will never understand the geometrical descent paths. Why on earth not descend at 1000 fpm until intercepting a proper descent path after passing an alt constraint which leaves you low on profile? Boeing does this marvelously (but does some real scary stuff if you do not descend at TD).

Once again. This is not intended as a Boeing vs. Airbus. Both have some wonderful and some awkward stuff.
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