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- sidesticks are fine, but gimme a mechanical link between the left and the right side (it works in the GA airplanes...)
what for? - I judge where the airplane is going, not how the other guy is working his joystick

- gimme a kind of DIRECT LAW from 1000' down, so I can fly the bird in turbulence, and not the other way round
what you are experiencing is called "Pilot induced oscillation", and can be overcome by letting go, have the airplane settle, and then fly the corrections with small inputs

- don't gimme a FLARE mode (other aircraft do fine without...)
I personally liked the thing flaring on autoland, anything else would have made the landing a bit hard... or are you refering to the transition from normal law to direct law on manual landing?

- gimme a moving levers A/THR system
I learned on the airbus, and have never missed it, that maybe different coming from a different type

- gimme a A/THR system where I don't have to LVR CLB and "retard, retard" position the levers
I think, setting climb power, and closing the throttles on landing are helpful when operating aircraft...

- gimme an FMGS that won't throw me out of DES or CLB mode when leaving NAV for HDG

- gimme an FMGS that will automatically take the 2nd AP online when APP is activated
agree, but might cause mismatch errors when on CAT I and the signal gets distorted by taxiing aircraft...

- gimme an EFIS Control Panel permitting simultaneous selections, like CSTR and WPT together
you can, just press them simultaniously

- gimme complete glass checklists, no more of this after ECAM Actions QRH or EFB work
Our QRH consisted of opt lvl graphs and the like, and a few very large print Smoke Checklists, to be able to read them if cockpit smoked up - your company might not have all the mods...

- gimme left and right independent tilt on the WX radar, permitting better analysis by using L and R ND displays
I have it now in the CRJ, and it doesn't help the tiniest bit

- gimme a braking system using 2 hydraulic systems when applying pressure, redundancy at hand (normal and alternate provide no advantage)
ok, fine

- do not gimme the ashtrays... there are (hopefully) no pilots smoking on the FDK these days
I smoke

- gimme a well positioned hook for the handmike, no more bending in the dark
- gimmie a handmike that doesn't weight and look like a truncheon
see above post

- gimme FIRE lights that are integrated into the MASTER switches
the fire push buttons are huge, and lit, and the little fire lights are right in front of the master switch... I don't agree at all

- gimme some real reading lights permitting a brief in a normal seating position
there's at least 3 different lights - see above

I liked flying the A319,320,321,332,333,342,343,346...
but I grew up on them, so maybe that's what makes me not miss linked controls or moving throttles...

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