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My first acquaintence with 'Rocket' WD40 was in the mid 1960s when my then employer adopted it as a 'cure-all' on their final assembly line (and packaged it for sale to customers through the Service Spares Sales Department).
At the time there was nothing else like it - it was 'magic'.
Of course over time it does dry out and leave a sticky deposit (often accompanied by detritus that as been attracted to the oily-liquid) so use in a fine piece of mechanism might be, as you suggest, a short-term solution.
However I've never been without a can over the last forty years. My wife even keeps a can in her desk at work and uses it to 'fix' things that need easing or to stop squeaking.

BTW - it can also be used as a substitute for napalm:-
(or more controllably using a lighter to ignite the spray)
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