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Wink Hindsight 20/20

"IF the 340 is the same as other Airbus' from what I remember the park brake is a lower pressure than the foot brakes"

The PB designed to prevent the aircraft from rolling when on T/O position (among other activity). When active it will inhibit all other braking modes (No CLG braking in this mode only in normal, alternate or Ultimate), By the way the CLG Brakes and Ultimate braking mode which this airbus has additional to all other previous airbuses (normally used by the flight crew when all brakes modes have fail and or RTO(spoilers off course being deployed)! As for the brake pressure is equal and can be observed on the Triple gauge.

"Hard to believe parking brakes only for a static engine ground run you don't even do that with a Cessna" .

Not correct, it can be used when the engine is not static.

"It is a seriously over powered machine compared to its little brother a under powered 340-300. Engine running 340 new gens at max thrust is a scary job"

This aircraft is no more seriously powered than any other wide body aircraft.
The Trent 553 and 556 are common to both the 500 and the 600 series. the thrust normally around 53000Ib for the 500 and 56000Ib for the 600 series (understandably bigger), B7474 RR 58000Ib, A330 with GE from 63000Ib to 66000Ib, A330 PW 68000Ib. Any one with basic knowlage of the aircraft can Run the engine on these later FADEC airplanes (even Manuel from Barcelona can!) BUT knowing what to do when the shi!!!!!!!!!!t hit the fan is the Question. Remember Hindsight is always 20/20.

Tom Sawyer
"No need to stand on the brakes when doing a high power EGR on the A340, just have them covered. Done an A346 aircraft acceptance EGR at high power in that very bay".

Respectful disagree.I also have carried out an EGR on the same baby.unless you are miles from no where and nothing in front of you or in high power zone I would say yes but parking brake alone with hi power like A340-5/600....your asking for problem.I'm glad you do not live next door to my hotel!!

"Not been the best of weeks for the 340-600".

It must be the 600 season!

The photo presented by aerotransport.org , I have to say that reminded me in a way with the Pan Am B747 when it exploded over Lockerbie, on how the nose section of that aircraft separated from the fuselage which I believe lead to the MOD Section 41, please correct me if I am wrong. The A340-600 Aerial view picture represented a weakness in that section on impact !!!

I could be wrong but I feel some serious procedural mistake occurred which lead to this accident with the weak possibility of technical failure.My sincere thoughts and a wish of speedy recovery for the Ground crew tech acceptance team on board the airbus. I have no doubt that serious procedural changes will be coming out of this accident very soon and not only to Airbus.

But then again I am only a hotel owner what do I know about airplane.

Safe flying to all from Sybil,Polly and Manuel!
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