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Dear EY346Driver

“ we've hired 160 pilots in the last 7 months and by the look of things a lot more to come. Standard still remains high so whatever they're doing is working.”-

Most of the 160 pilots come from Africa, Middle East, Asia and the Far east. None or very few come from Western Europe or North America. Have a look at the seniority list.

“The housing issue has very much improved with very high standard big villas in Khalifa B”

Well it seems that everything is high standard to you. The whole thing is a joke.

“Delma is the nicest and I understand that new buildings are coming up on a monthly basis.”

Housing department says there is nothing on the cards. If you know something please share your information. Many People here want to know.

“Lets not forget that we are 4 years old airline with a fleet of 34 aircraft and 2 more A346's arriving by year end.”

I am afraid there are no excuses. As a premium passenger when you choose to fly EY on Diamond (first) class lets say from SYD to LHR you can expect what is promised, advertise or at least what you have paid for. You can expect “higher standard” than BA, QA, EK, SQ, MH, GF, VA.
You don’t go and tell customers it’s a 4 year old airline and don’t expect much. It is business as always.
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