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707- Try this No +44 1279682904, CTC - Good guy. But also ask the Q - Why have over 25 FO's left in the last 14 months, this is out of a Pilot force approx 95. Other down sides are long trips that frequently are extended, no union (BALPA) recognition. Poor salary in comparrison to the other UK operators that fly the same type - (BA/VS) and lastly a totaly ridiculas bond 25k which I understand has now been ammended to some kind of bank scheme- so even if you want to leave after a few years you will have to pay back the bank.
Traditionally GSS was a dumping ground for EX BA guys who already had the 744 rating, but since the retirement laws changed this source of Pilots has dried up. On the plus side the company has a good contract with BA world cargo and concidering that they only operate 3 aircraft a reasonable route structure.
I notice that the latest ad in Flight International has ommited the " Expanding Airline" Plug - perhaps that might tell you something. Good Luck.
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