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Thanks Mike. In my particular position, and I do stress it is only my own situation, the bond issue is not a problem to me. At my age I am looking to make a final flying move. In my view high bonds only present a problem if one decides or needs to leave before the period of bond ends.

Having worked mainly in ad-hoc companies, flexibility in terms of rostering and indeed days off has been the norm for me over 20 years or more. My experience has been that in a reasonably run operation its give and take, and as long as there is as much give as take then that is something I and my family can live with.

In respect of time to command, I said in my original post that I would not expect ever to make command. There are issues I understand with British Airways retirees taking precedence for command posts, and of course there is the point that although I would regard my own flying experience to be every bit as challenging and valuable as anybody else's, there is still the point that I have no experience in flying large transport aeroplanes.

Really appreciate the replies, and would welcome any further information.
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