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You said in a different thread, addressing a different person,
"I realised a long time ago that the world is full of arseholes (just like you) and the thought of being on the left- or right-hand side of an arsehole (just like you) for 18 interminable hours would steal all the joy that aviation brings"
If that is the best you can come up with, and calling me a redneck because I do not agree with your codswallop quite frankly your views are of no value to me at all.
You said,
" You dived straight into the discussion with what I personally thought of as an offensive attitude. You plainly fail(ed) to see the point of the original post and apparently still fail to see any of the inherent benefits to us all in such a paradigm."
As the first sentence from your other thread indicates, you have no interest, or experience in multi crew heavy aircraft operations. Exactly how you expect to benefit from a "no blame" situation eludes me.
I see the point of the original post quite clearly, I disagree with it, and in a public forum then I will say so. If you wish to throw pedigrees around, I believe your arrogance is only exceeded by your ignorance, but thats just my opinion.
Just for your info, I have been involved in Aviation for just over 50 years, in many roles, Agricultural, SPIFR airline ops, multi crew airline ops, and even a spell as an Air Traffic Controller.