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That was posted to give a chance to find some of the holes that need to line up to explain this occurrence.
Where in the official report do you find any hearsay evidence??
The report shows a shocking display of incompetence by a professional crew. They were not inexperienced, the Capt had some 13,000hrs, no matter what his "Cultural background" that is a lot of hours experience to fall back on. He displayed criminal negligence in carrying out his duties in such a reckless manner.
You said
"That is where the 'no blame' culture is headed. It does not advocate no punitive action in cases of gross misconduct or criminal intent. It does advocate suspending judgement until all the facts are in and assessed by an appropriately professional body"
The facts are there before you in that report, or do you consider the authors of the report, and the people that interpreted the facts from the electronic recording devices not an "appropriate professional body"? There is ample proof of gross misconduct, no one at any time has raised any question of criminal intent.
The report was available before this thread started, so where you get this from,
You said,
" because for sure I'm seeing nothing in your posts that points to direct, significant, factual evidence at all!!! Just more rumour, hyperbole, supposition and hearsay."
Is that what you consider the report consists of???
"If you find someone to blame, will that stop it happenning again?"
Probably not, but are you sure you really want to advocate that the crew are not responsible for their unforgiveable gross negligence?? ask the opinion of the survivors who have to live the remainder of their lives maimed, or the relatives of the people who died, because of this, I say again, gross negligence.

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