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OK prospector, plainly you are not going to be shifted from your point of view -which you are entitled to. It seems however you are wilfully disregarding the major points of this discussion. In partial response:

Originally Posted by TLAW
...will stringing up the two blokes at the pointy end make an incident more or less likely to occur in the future?
Personally, I think not.

Previously in specific discussion of the Garuda case there was mention of cultural issues that may or may not have had an immediate and direct impact on the outcome... just one of those 'holes' that probably would not have been a factor had the flight originated in a country of different culture. There will be others.

Originally Posted by prospector
...there is ample evidence from the people who survived the crash, and from eye witnesses that the P1 should face charges of gross negligence.
"ample evidence from people who survived the crash..." -passengers? Cabin-crew? What pray tell are their professional qualifications to pass such a judgement? The F/O? Was he in fact as decisive and insistent as the situation may have called for? Or did cultural issues mute his protest? The eye-witnesses... one would hope that at least some of them were professional flight-crew who's opinions might have some credence, because for sure I'm seeing nothing in your posts that points to direct, significant, factual evidence at all!!! Just more rumour, hyperbole, supposition and hearsay.

Originally Posted by prospector
Who is it in the safety foundation that decides what is the cut off point between a "no blame" act and what is a careless act?? does an act that results in the loss of lives and many injuries, and the aircraft, fall into a careless act, or as many would have us believe a no blame event.
answered thus in the same post:

Originally Posted by kiwiblue
Punitive discipline: while there continues to be a minority "lunatic fringe" of miscreants within industry, there will be a need for some level of punitive discipline -groundings, loss/suspension of licence, loss/suspension of operating certificates... to apply that brush too broadly (as is currently the case) damages industry irrevocably. Good, experienced people are being hounded out of industry, with their professional reputations in tatters and in some cases personal character destroyed...
How can we as practising professionals expect to be treated justly by a system that has no knowledge or understanding of how we do what we do, or why??? Those charged with investigating our activities with a view towards criminal proceeding first have to be educated to a minimal level of understanding of what we do!!! How bizarre is that?

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