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Quote 411A:
According to some yes, but.... it must be remembered that the Lockheed L1011 however superb in systems redundancy (certainly a fact, not disputed, nothing finer) it must be maintained properly, otherwise all is not good.
IF you have experienced ground engineers and knowledgeable pilots, it has no equal, with regard to superbly safe air transportation.
The devil is certainly in the details.
Yes you are correct in this 411A.
There is not many ground engineers left that can do this.
Current and qualified Tristar front end crews are becoming hard to find.
The biggest problem with these people is that they have to pay the crews and ground engineers correctly.
Pilots and ground engineers can do many things to help a company succeed.
But when the owners/managers decide they don't have to pay the very individuals that are the life line of the operation then the whole operation goes down.
If you promise a Captain 266 usd a day and a F/O and F/E 200 usd a day then pay it.
Everyone looked the other way on many issues that should not have happened, still they did not pay us correctly.
Take care of the crews and ground engineers, the company will go far.
Cheat and lie to us ,the company will fail.
Now there are 2 companies in Jordan to avoid, every time one of us works for these 2 it hurts everyone else in collecting the pay and drags the industry to a lower level!
Good companies that pay don't get contracts because these 2 still stay in operation.
Think sometimes we are our own worst enemy!

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