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We've Got Sticky status

I just noticed we got sticky status
Quote from 411A 23rd July
Who would have thought...
...that this would have gone on for five pages.
All this verbal activity about a thirty five year old aeroplane, that is operated in very small numbers....
TriStar, fondly remembered, never equaled.
Quote from CR2 23rd July
I've been following this thread with interest, mainly for my own education. The one thing that bugs me (as 411A has indirectly indicated) is that it's becoming something of an aircraft spotter's thread.
Let's keep it on a pro- level.
Quote from AAL
Dear Mr Mod,
Think this began to speculate possibilities about a new cargo outfit starting up out of Cyprus intending to use L1011 freighters and grew from there. The debate centred about the possibilities that this might entail seeings that L1011 freighters have become as scarce as hen's teeth.
The "spotting" bit was merely to identify which machines are standing around and might be available for such an intention, and what some's intentions under such circumstances (and opportunity) might be.
The history of the L1011 and the fate of the few last few remaining one's will allways interst enthusiasts. Thank you for tolerating us.
So a huge thank you to all the TRISTAR artisans who have provided input to this thread. It has been a huge learning curve for me and a fascinating insight. Thanks too to the moderators that have let it run, all 193 posts so far.: I really do appreciate all your time and trouble. I just wish I owned a book publishers then I could (by way of commission) persuade some of you to write your autobiography, for the benefit of future generations.
Long may this thread continue, please.
Thanks everybody, dry wings and soft landings to you all,
Be lucky

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