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Autistic passenger - which carrier should I use

Hi folks,

I haven't flown since I was 11, and this was on a family holiday back in the early 80s - so parents handled all the travel booking etc. Was also national carriers only.

I'm on the autistic continuum, diagnosed Asperger Syndrome, and therefore don't deal with stress and sudden changes all that well. My views may have been skewed as well by programmes such as Airline... I was also a tad intimidated (understatement) when changing TRAINS at Gatwick back during Christmas 2001 (LOTS or armed police with MP5s at the ready do not make for a comforting experience)

I was wondering - being that air travel would therefore be a new experience to me (or at least the whole checkin/security/bustled about thing - to reduce the hassle as much as possible - which type of carrier should I use?

It would appear that Low COst Carriers may not be the best option unless someone is a bit more confident etc... I'm not sure I could cope with what is portrayed as a scramble for seats, VERY strict checkin times, and not even the end-to-end bookings...

In people's opinions here - what carriers (along with travel agents) might give me most help? If I could rely on the chosen airline to get me to my end destination - for instance if I was going to an event such as Autreat (I believe it is Syracuse) and know next to nothing about all the interim areas.

Basically - I would want to leave it ALL up to the airline. Once my bags are in - that is it. I don't want ot see my bags until I get to my final destination.

Thoughts from more experienced passengers and all you pros?

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