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From the desk of Bristow Management - NOT!


It appears you've made a lot of fans on this forum in a very short space of time. That's quite some doing! Clearly in your bookshop travels, you haven't as yet come across "How to Win Friends and Influence People". You might try chasing it up.

Again your logic is a little askew. You say your not an idiot but then follow it up with comments that suggest (prove?) otherwise. I'm quite sure that any of the major offshore operators would gladly employ a pilot from one of the other players provided they interviewed well etc.

Your assertion that such pilots might be too "Bristowized" (and therefore presumably the others would be too "CHCized" or "Jayrowized") is well...

... Hang on a sec, I'm just having a look to see if I can find any other posts on Rotorheads quite as ridiculous. Bugger - no joy. You win the award for silliest, off the cuff comment on Rotorheads.

About the only thing you've said that makes sense would be in regard to Bristow Australia's requirement to have new pilots move to Perth. Now as I'm NOT Bristow management, I have no power to change this.

I do agree with you that having someone move across the country as Bristow's currently require is off the mark. I'm sure plenty of good people (RTE - note I said good people) have bypassed Bristow's as a result. It is and will continue to be to Bristow's detriment.

Nothing wrong with having an attitude mate but you might want to channel it a little more effectively... you know, in order to win all those friends and influence people etc.

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